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Sacaya's Buddy Tracker enables a subscriber to create a list of other subscribers and keep track of their location. It uses a easily scalable, configurable architecture to tailor services based on the subscriber's location. It offers a very user-friendly GUI and web interface to make additions and deletions to the group or list of subscribers.

Key Features

  • Interactive communication with subscribe· Offers web-based and hand-based interfaces to keep track of users
  • Can be used to keep track of a sales team and fleet management - comprehensive report can be generated from the web on the fleet's status at predefined time intervals
  • Mail reports, generate SMS alerts when a user is not in a predetermined location
  • SMS Alerts - Whenever a subscriber is logged in to a non-preferred VLR an SMS will be sent to that particular subscriber. This text message will be configurable to each VLR.
  • Sending Negative Response - System can configure to send the negative response to the MAP messages coming from VLR.
  • Dynamic intelligence for network and system monitoring
  • Black listing the IMSI/MSISDN to send SMS
  • Bulk uploading of VLR and Area details from a text file

Key Benefits

  • Better control over roaming subscribers
  • Higher revenues for the operator and better facilities for the subscriber
  • Supporting multiple strategies for handling requests.
  • Flexible configuration to act as Virtual HLR.