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Sacaya's E-Top Up is a powerful way to improve the convenience of prepaid wireless. It allows customers to purchase prepaid mobile minutes without the need of a scratch card. The recharge is done by means of a SMS/USSD/WEB transaction through their mobiles or at a participating retailer. For the operators, it offers a new alternative distribution mechanism in addition to the traditional scratch card method.

It provides a complete system to manage the lifecycle for prepaid distribution chain. The system links operators, distributors, sub distributors, retail stores and the end users into a serial chain. Sacaya's E-Top Up is a feature-rich package that also allows to set up commissions from top to bottom in the chain.

Key Features

  • Fraud Control - Configurable business rules for preventing high-risk transactions, including support for different rules based on account types.
  • ATM Recharge - A self-service channel that leverages the extensive networks of ATMs to sell prepaid recharges or postpaid bill payment 24x7.
  • Direct recharge on IVR/SMS/Web - A functionality to setup a payment profile, including a payment source (e.g., credit card), to perform on demand recharges from the subscriber's handset or via a web interface
  • Auto TopUp - Automated recharges for subscribers with validated credit/debit cards, based on day of the month
  • Comprehensive Reporting - Provides detailed information of activities at various levels of the distribution chain.
  • SMS Recharge - E-Charge allows distributors or resellers to sell recharge airtime directly from a mobile handset using SMS
  • Loyalty & Promotions - Configurable programs to change prepaid subscriber recharge behavior to favor lower cost channels.
  • Subscriber-To-Subscriber Amount Transfers using SMS
  • Post-paid bill management

Key Benefits

  • Lower Customer support traffic due to new prepaid recharge process
  • Cost reduction due to electronic distribution mechanism
  • Stock supply guaranteed in the distribution chain
  • Improved commission management and visibility along the distribution chain
  • Helps expand prepaid distribution market by tapping into non-traditional retail outlets and by offering micro top-ups
  • Can award individual user/group based promotions