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Sacaya's IN Prepaid offers to build new value added services. The IN architecture consists of various network elements, which work concurrently to provide these IN services. These network elements are physical entities, which provide different functionalities. The Intelligent Network (IN) System provides a framework to create new services and flexibly allot them in a centralized place, independent of the switch capability. IN provides a programmable network, which can be updated and expanded to offer new services quickly and easily via computer and software. It is an architectural concept for operation and provision of new services.

Key Features

  • Retrieval of charging data from charging matrix of entire country in near real-time
  • Possibility of viewing call records immediately after call completion
  • Blocking unauthorized calls and determining the reasons for call failure
  • Premium rate for value added information services
  • VCC and ACC allow user to make calls from any telephone to any destination number and have the charges for the calls debited to the account specified by the corresponding VCC or ACC number
  • Free phone service enables call distribution
  • Number Portability Service allows the subscriber to change the local service provider, without changing the phone number

Key Benefits

  • Fault tolerance and control
  • Fault tolerance and control
  • Service Creation Environment for specification, implementation, and modification, interfacing between SSP and SCP and SCP and SMP, dimensioning