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Sacaya's USSD Call Back Service is a valuable service provided to the end user. Normally, a prepaid subscriber roaming internationally cannot make calls, but with USSD Callback service, the subscriber can do so. Out-roamers can make voice calls to any other subscriber in such a way that the charge control remains with the home network.

Out-roamers can initiate the Call Back request by giving the USSD string, which will be acknowledged by the Call Back Server. The request is routed to the Home HLR/MSC via the VLR/MSC of the visiting network. Call Back Server continues the processing if SCP instructs to continue the call, or it will send an SMS to the subscriber outlining the reason for failure.

Key Features

  • USSD based prepaid roaming works for all GSM networks and for all types of handsets
  • Real-time rating of outbound calls
  • Dynamic disconnection of the prepaid call when the balance becomes negative
  • Announcement facility before connecting to the subscriber
  • Real-time billing for prepaid subscribers
  • Supports comprehensive audit trail, and compliance to environment and safety specification standards.

Key Benefits

  • Opens a new revenue stream by allowing prepaid customers to initiate outbound calls using the infrastructure and billing system of the home network
  • The service provider retains full control over traffic because the call is entirely controlled by the home network
  • Risk of fraud is substantially reduced
  • Access to home network services
  • Cheaper access for calls to home network
  • Access to voice mail at a much cheaper rate