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Sacaya's OR application allows operator's subscribers and in-roamers to place calls to other in-roamers without the call being hauled over international voice links. Mobile originated calls from the operator's network can be optimally routed, not only to roamers in the same operator network but also to those who are on competitive networks in the same country.

Key Features

  • Built on carrier-grade hardware and software technology
  • OR Service is compliant to GSM Support for Optimal Routing (GSM SOR 3.x) recommendations
  • OR Service supports both Prefix based and Non-Prefix based solutions for optimally routing the calls
  • CLI is provided to the roamers as the call is within the network
  • Improved voice quality as tromboning is eliminated.
  • 6D's OR Service has the capability to route all unsuccessful OR calls into an IVR node for playing voice announcements
  • Welcome SMS notification for inbound roamers
  • Support for prepaid top up using scratch card

Key Benefits

  • Greater convenience to the subscribers, as they need not change the SIM manually
  • Single carrier solution, without any partnership with the home operator