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Sacaya's CAMEL Enabler offering is aimed at a non-CAMEL mobile operator that wants to allow the CAMEL-based inbound roamer to register, make and receive calls as if they are with CAMEL supported network. To suit the network deployment environment, the solution supports multiple network interfaces on the non-CAMEL side. This enables the mobile operator to leverage the existing infrastructure setup and maximize the investment on deploying the solution.

The service provides complete CAMEL functionality for non-CAMEL networks. As a result, Non-CAMEL networks are now able to realize the potential of CAMEL-based services at lower cost without lengthy upgrades of network elements or modifications to service platforms.

Key Features

  • High performance and availability.
  • A non-CAMEL mobile operator's outbound roamer can make and receive calls in CAMEL network.

Key Benefits

  • Availability of CAMEL services without having to upgrade to CAMEL infrastructure
  • Operators can leverage the existing infrastructure, without having to build a new one
  • Lower set-up costs maximize the investment
  • Complete CAMEL functionality for non-CAMEL networks
  • Multiple network interfaces on the non-CAMEL side
  • IVR interaction for routing prepaid calls to play prompts and announce balance information
  • Operator control to black list network(s) for which CAMEL conversion is not to be applied, and service support
  • Offered for both prepaid and post-paid subscribers