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Sacaya's Preferred Roamer enables operators to divert roaming subscriber to 'preferred' network. This solution provides a dynamic mechanism to make subscribers select the most appropriate network, based on service portfolio and profile. Preferred Roamer enables the carriers to have better control over their roaming subscribers by ensuring that the roaming subscribers log onto preferred networks only. This results in higher revenues for the operators and better quality of facilities to their subscribers.

Key Features

  • Prepaid and Postpaid - The system has the flexibility to allow the prepaid/postpaid on a particular VLR number.
  • Time based blocking - The VLR can be blocked during a particular duration in a day and this is configurable
  • Authentication during a MO call - The authenticated messages originating during the MO call will be passed directly to the HLR, allowing user to make the MO call without any intervention
  • Periodic Location Updates Handling - The system will block the periodic location updates, which are coming from the non-preferred network and force the user to initiate the update location procedure.
  • SMS Alerts - Whenever a subscriber is logged in to a non-preferred VLR an SMS will be sent to that particular subscriber. This text message will be configurable to each VLR.
  • Sending Negative Response - System can configure to send the negative response to the MAP messages coming from VLR.
  • Dynamic intelligence for network and system monitoring.
  • Black listing the IMSI/MSISDN to send SMS
  • Bulk uploading of VLR and Area details from a text file

Key Benefits

  • Better control over roaming subscribers
  • Higher revenues for the operator and better facilities for the subscriber
  • Supporting multiple strategies for handling requests.
  • Flexible configuration to act as Virtual HLR.