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Sacaya's Missed Call Alert service presents an innovative solution for notifying telephone users about missed calls, thereby encouraging them to make return calls. Built on 6D's SS7 platform, this service leverages real-time call monitoring capabilities of the platform. The platform monitors relevant call setup messages and publishes them to different services that might have registered their interest to receive such notifications. With Missed Call Alert (MCA), subscribers are ensured that all missed calls are reported even if the subscriber's phones are switched off or out of network coverage. Subscribers busy on another call also appreciate the service as a reminder for unanswered or rejected calls.

Key Features

  • Increase in revenue owing to usage and termination charges
  • Complements voicemail service
  • Potential new subscription or transaction revenue source

Key Benefits

  • Hardware, software, and link level redundancy that helps in keeping the network up and avoiding traffic disruption
  • Different kinds of notification mechanisms like SMS, USSD, Out dialing, and IVR based services
  • Comprehensive MIS and reporting is generated to enable the service provider to analyze the MCA usage trends