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Sacaya's Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) Center enables subscribers to establish interactive, menu-driven sessions where they can request text/data from the system. Through the USSD center, requests/commands can be sent under full operator control, to numerous sources of information: operator internal systems, corporate ERP system or to Internet. Sacaya's USSD Center uses the same application programming interface that the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) does, making it easier to port services based on SMS, to utilize USSD as the bearer .

Key Features

  • Interactive communication with subscriber
  • Wide terminal support.
  • WIN and CAMEL interface to bill prepaid subscribes online.
  • Convenient messaging through easy to use menu interface
  • Faster response time enhances customer experience
  • Supports prepaid roaming, where USSD commands are routed back to the home mobile network's Home Location Register (HLR), allowing for the virtual home environment concept
  • Easy to use concept where USSD strings can be stored in the handset

Key Benefits

  • Alternative to SIM SDK programming
  • Faster channel for existing services running on SMS/WAP. Faster communication between subscribers and applications across the GSM network
  • Enhanced ARPU because of interactive services
  • Reduced IVR
  • Opens new revenue streams with a wide variety of value added push/pull services
  • Low startup costs for new applications
  • Works on all GSM phones, ensuring wider reach