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SMSC uses store and forward mechanism to handle message transfers between mobile applications and devices. It checks, accepts, buffers, processes and distributes all short messages within a mobile network. The network interface has signaling gateways between the SMSC and different components of the CDMA/GSM network such as MSC, VLR, and HLR. SMSC's application interface supports services that handle short messages from or to any type of SME, using the SMPP protocol. The SMS is sent and received over signaling path simultaneously with voice, data and fax calls using a radio channel.

Key Features

  • Effective flow control mechanism to counter increased traffic load
  • Supports throughput of up to 2500 msgs/sec
  • Flexible platform interface, allowing exchange of messages between both CDMA, GSM and IP networks
  • Support of non-GUI applications for support personnel and customer care or billing systems
  • Application integration with SMSC administration and provisioning functionality
  • Real-time billing for applications such as prepaid SMS. Allows on-line charging of SMS for prepaid customers. Also supports per-message billing option
  • WIN and CAMEL interface to bill prepaid subscribes for content based services
  • Inbuilt rating engine
  • Supports SMS Offload on IP
  • Supports Bulk messaging

Key Benefits

  • An efficient message delivery platform
  • Flexible messaging policies
  • Facility to remotely send and manage messages
  • Subscriber management facilities, including Regional Barring, Platform Management with Remote Administration and Provisioning (RAP)
  • Query Management to manage queries generated by other modules, Configuration Management