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Mobile spam typically refers to unsolicited communications sent via SMS or MMS to customers without consent. This can be especially irritating to the subsribers not only because of the inconvenience caused but also because sometimes the subscriber has to pay to receive the text message. In response, most often the subscriber is quick to blame the operator as the cause of the problem, irrespective of the originator responsible for the spam. Mobile phone users expect the operator to eliminate spams coming from their network. Besides these negative implications, spam also has cost attached to it for the operators as it creates unnecessary traffic in the network, message storage and capacity concerns at SMSC/MMSC end.

In order to alleviate SMS spam problem, SACAYA offers SMS Spam Filter solution for the mobile operators that provides comprehensive protection against mobile phone SMS spam to its subscribers. It enables wireless operators, service providers and their subscriber's, the ability to detect and effectively block such unwanted messages from any network.

Key Features

  • Advanced Rule Engine - The system allows flexibility to form any kind of rules with any of the parameters in SCCP, MAP and SMS layer.
  • Offers Privacy Gurantees
  • Supports White Listing and Black Listing
  • Supports Volume checking
  • Configuarable Response - The response to each filter criteria is configuarable
  • Support for Long Messages - System reassembles the concatenated SMSes before analysing it
  • Personalized Filtering Methods - Each subscriber can configure his/her own rules
  • System maintains detailed logs and comprehensive sms flow reports
  • Multilingual Support
  • Enables filtering of SS7 traffic as well as from SMS sources connected over IP

Key Benefits

  • Protects the network and subscribers from illicit SMS traffic and malicious virus attack
  • Provides convenience and added message control to the end-user
  • Often SMS spam is something that originates from foreign networks or applications and SMS Spam Filter blocks all types of unwanted and harmful traffic on the network making the system more secure and safe. It can even be used to temporarily suspend a SMS roaming agreement if desired.
  • Using SMS Spam Filter, operators can provide differentiated service offerings to its customers thereby increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Does not need any core network changes since it works with a proxy
  • Easy-to-use platform interface to provision and configure filtering rules as well as monitor traffic in real-time.